The choice is clear


SmileStyler® is highly effective in treating all sorts of teeth straightening issues, from conventional orthodontics to correcting relapsed treatment, so you can achieve your perfect smile.

SmileStyler has been designed to not just straighten your teeth, but also to positively affect the aesthetic features of your face.

Results do vary between individual cases and ideal aligner cases are those that require moderate alignment or rotation.

The choice is clear


Easy and convenient
No need for the inconvenience of braces. SmileStyler allows you to eat the foods you want, brush and floss your teeth and still end up with the amazing smile you’ve always wanted.

Unrivalled delivery speed
SmileStyler delivers to your dental practitioner faster than any other aligner manufacturer as our aligners are designed and manufactured locally in Melbourne.

Premium quality
Quality designed and produced in our dedicated Melbourne facility using state of the art software and manufacturing technologies.

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