Do you know that

Health Fund Benefits Expire

on 31st December?
There’s every reason to have your teeth looking fresh for the coming year. And do it before your claims run out!
Starting from the 1 st of January until 31 st December, most major health funds within Australia have a massive year of dental benefits.
To grab all these benefits, you have to use them before it expires.

To get the best option out of the situation
1. Check the expiry dates and book in a time for the soonest check-up and fix up (clean) that you can benefit from.
Call us on 37360585 to find out what we can do for you. The busiest appointments are always from November to December so please do book as soon as possible!

It’s time for your teeth to smile! Give yourself your own Christmas present and shine brighter than anyone else. Book now for the best benefits.


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